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Footloose Bonus CD! “Footloose” performed by Kenny Loggins

How many remember that tune Footloose, which once heard stayed with you all day, running around and around the sound track of your mind. Most would have to concur that at least the beat was catchy and although the words left a lot to be desired, it would still get your foot tapping and your hips swinging.

For those die-hard fans, Footloose has now been released as a wonderful, brightly coloured children’s book with a cast of amazing characters to boot. Zookeeper Jack checks his star map to see whether some fun is comin’ tonight, while the giraffes and flamingos watch on. Monkeys in a nearby tree get their binoculars out, to make sure all the people have left for the day and once the night falls they are of course, gonna’ ‘cut loose, Footloose’, and so the fun begins for a new generation.

Written to accompany the lyrics penned by Dean Pitchford for the movie Footloose, released in 1984, the track Footloose rose to the top of the billboards holding the number one position for three weeks and has remained, over the years, as one of those songs that comes back every so often, along with the memories associated with that particular time in life!

This slightly pared down version, making it suitable for a younger audience, still holds the same magic contained in the original version and with the slightly wacky lyrics, along with the completely out there characters created with real flamboyance, this children’s version is a real delight to both read and listen too once again.

We have the lovable Milo teaching the animals to Tango, Luke, who is the coolest cat in the zoo, needs to get Footloose to help lose his blues, the Hippo is right in there boots, waistcoat and all as he tries of the ol’ ‘heal to toe’, while the wolf pack howl and Mr DJ Elephants plays funky grooves.

Footloose always was and always will be one of those nonsense pieces that simply lifts your spirits, adds a ‘smile to the dial’ and a little joy to the heart, with the tune and often the lyrics, remaining with you for a very long time, reminding you that the best way to relax is to have fun and simply ‘cut loose’.

This fantastic, fun filled, colourful book with accompanying CD will make a wonderful and treasured addition to any child’s evening reading and give every adult a trip down memory lane, once again.

Have fun, cut loose, put on your dancing shoes and get right into the swing of this lively children’s book released in time for Christmas giving as, Jeez, Louise is still rockin’ the chimpanzees after all these years, which really says something for the timelessness of the lyrics and music and of course, the stamina of Jeez, Louise!

AuthorKenny Loggins, illustrated by Tim Bowers
PublisherQuarto US/Moondance Press
DistributorAllen & Unwin
ReleasedNovember 2016
ArtistsKenny Loggins