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Here Comes Stinkbug!

What a great way to talk about nature. Once again Tohby Riddle has presented us with a quality story which has messages about insects and purpose. It is delightful to read and children will enjoy the references to the bug which stinks. The art work compliments the story well and gives extra depth to the text.

We meet stinkbug, and he seems to be a pretty happy fellow. However, his bug mates are rather troubled by his preposterous smell, and stinkbug often wonders why his other bugs friends wander off quite quickly. Eventually it was leopard slug who raised the issue of smell with stinkbug. This started him thinking and he wondered if slug really needed to be as slimy. Slug said,” I’m a slug, I need slime to get around.”, so we see slug’s slime has a purpose. However, stinkbug thought he might just try to stink a little less for his friends. Sometime later an occasion arises where a strong defence is needed and stinkbug’s smell is just the thing to ward off danger.

The simple pictures convey a great set of emotions from the bugs. The drawings half fill the page giving the reader ample opportunity to count legs and eyes and examine body parts. The text is a large size and the spoken words are in bubbles above the insect’s head. This is a beautifully presented story, with quality art work. The humour is tempered by the scary part, but that serves to show the purpose of a stink!


Author Tohby Riddle
Publisher A&U Childrens
ISBN 9781760523527
Distributor A&U Childrens
Released October 2018