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My Brother is A Superhero

What a chancy thing to happen to my brother. I had to go for a wee and he gets turned into a superhero and given a mission to save the world! And if that’s not enough, save another Universe which is going to collide and explode, all at the same time!

Yeah, well that’s all very well, except that in the end this superhero thing caused a great heap of trouble, and nearly got all of us killed.

But before all this happened life was really just a bit dull and, as my brother was getting to the hair gel and stuff stage and beginning to drool over a girl, it probably was, at the end of the day, something to get things moving along.

Trouble was my brother didn’t know anything about superheros as he doesn’t like comics and is more interested in studying and keeping up good grades at school.

It really took some doing to even convince him that he needed to wear a cape and a proper badge that said who he was, or at least what sort of hero he was; he eventually agreed to the badge bit and the name Star Boy, but not to the cape! Pity, as all good superheros need to have a cape like they do in the comics.

Thing is, it turned out that he really had been granted super powers and that the girl who made my life a misery at school just happened to being trying to find out who Star Boy really was, after he performed an heroic feat and saved heaps of people’s lives; which really caused me some grief!

She was the reporter for the school newspaper and it didn’t matter what I tried to do to head her off she kept on digging and digging and, as it turned out, we uncovered a real life supervillain who really was going to try and carry out some really dumb stuff, which was more than likely going to destroy the world.

So the pressure was on to make Zack, my brother, try to understand just what superheros are supposed to do when they have to try and save the world.

I can tell you it was not an easy task; in fact it was so hard I simply had to get my good friend David Solomons to write this so you could all understand just how tough it can be, having a brother who is a superhero and a girl who simply won’t take NO for an answer, in their lives.

Hope you enjoy the story, it’s really great!

AuthorDavid Solomons
PublisherNosy Crow