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That Christmas Feeling

Lilli Wilkinson has written a lovely story about Christmas with a little bit of a difference, which has been illustrated in a happy, comfortable Christmas style by  Amanda Francey, which wraps around a beguiling family story, perfect for this special time of the year.

Dottie, Gem and Shortbread are spending some time at Grandma and Grandpas’ house and it is Christmas time. But somehow things are not the same. They sort out the boxes of Christmas decoration, decorate the tree, and can’t make a plum pudding because Grandma and Grandpa can’t eat nuts and fruit, and somehow a fruit salad pudding is not the same thing at all. It is all getting a little bit worrying.

What if Mum and Dad don’t get back in time for Christmas they wonder? Last year they decorated the tree with lots of different things, all helped to make the plum pudding and Dad lifted Dottie right to the top of the tree so she could put the Star at the top.

But somehow that same fizzy, tingling feeling was not there, no matter how hard they tried.  Jem decided to put a note on the window to make sure Santa could find him, and instead of singing carols at the park, because grandma and Grandpa could not drive, they watched them on television instead. They had a toasted cheese sandwiches and went to bed.

Gem has a wonderful idea to go outside and sing carols in the garden under the twinkling stars in the night sky and just when that tingly feeling was starting to arrive just a little bit, something very special happened.

That Christmas Feeling is a gentle tale, perfect for enjoying with little ones who desperately need some quiet time after the excitement of Christmas Day.

AuthorLili Wilkinson, illustrated by Amanda Francey
PublisherA&U Childrens
DistributorA&U Childrens
ReleasedOctober 2017