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Pieces of a Lie

In her debut novel, Rowena Holloway has created an intriguing mystery which will keep you entertained and guessing until the astonishing end. And No, you cannot read the last chapter first!

Growing up in a small town Mina Everton’s family become almost social outcasts as her father is found guilty of embezzlement. As she grows up she becomes almost obsessed with the idea that there is more to this ‘embezzlement ‘ than meets the eye and decides to try and discover just what did happened to her father and where he has gone.

Befriended by antiques dealer and friend of the family Frank Gibson she learns the antiques business the hard way and with Frank as a tough task master learns to get it right when she is out on a job.

When she takes a side trip into a junk shop she finds the owners of the shop somewhat challenging, refusing to sell her the items she wants to buy, an old pocket watch. The more she tries the more aggressive the shop owners become. On her way out of the shop she steals the watch as there seemed to be something very familiar about the design, so much so that she felt sure it was the watch owned by her father.

Mina knew he would never have willingly parted with the watch, which reinforced her desire to find out what really happened the night her father disappeared, supposedly with all the cash.

Lincoln Drummond is a detective who somehow just seems to miss the mark with his case solving skills and has been shifted sideways to investigate what seems to simply be a spate of robberies.

When Linc and Mina meets something in the chemistry seems to set sparks flying and as Linc’s investigation continues, it becomes clear there is far more to this than simple robbery, it is becoming more and more apparent that it may be tied in with a case more than 12 years old, involving Mina’s father and the missing money.

As the pair becomes embroiled in the case they realise they have become trapped in a sinister web of the underworld which will place both of them in danger and almost destroy the relationship they had been building.

The real truth lies well hidden in the past, or does it?

Intriguing, entertaining and for all armchair detectives, this is one case which will keep you guessing until the very end.


AuthorRowena Holloway
PublisherFractured Press