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Shine Shine Shine

Two people and their weirdness get together and become a family and so creates the format for Shine Shine Shine. I admit you have to get your head in the right space to read this book as each character has a very particular way of seeing and interacting with their world.

The primary characters are Sunny and her husband Maxon. Over the course of the book we experience the highs and lows of their life time from before they met right until the birth of their second child. On paper that sounds very uneventful.

However Maxon is an astronaut and a very clever one at that that; he believes in his robots and science being able to explain all including his interaction with the people around him…he is, as you read through the book, kinda “rainman”esque. His wife Sunny is perfect and has spent a great deal of time being perfect and fitting into her neighbourhood….until a car accident changes all that and the “real” Sunny emerges. I particularly like the slightly manic unacy of the various situations each character finds themselves in.

We gain a glimpse of the journey Sunny and Maxon have been on since childhood it is very unreal and literally a world away from my version of domestic life. However this makes for a fascinating and fun read.

To quote, “Maxon was different. Sunny was different. They were different together”. I enjoy the way the characters dissect.

Author Lydia Netzer
Publisher Simon & Schuster
ISBN 9781849837811