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Stealing Snow

Stealing Snow is a fantasy novel for young adults. Snow is the name of the leading character, and she is found to be a princess. However, when the story begins, Snow is in a Mental Institution, and has been locked away for many years. She is seventeen years old and was placed in this institution by her mother when about ten years old. Snow has outbursts of anger and can cause great damage to herself and others. She feels an iciness which no one understands, and so is given a series of pills to keep her calm.

Snow is attracted to another inmate called Bale. She meets him one night and they share a kiss. Unfortunately she freezes Bale’s lips, and they are kept apart from then on. As they have spent much time together in the institution, Snow misses him dreadfully and sneaks into his room one night. When she opens the door, it is just in time to see someone pulling him by the hand through a mirror in his room. Without a thought, Snow follows the pair, and discovers herself in a strange land.

 Now the true fantasy elements of the story begin with Snow’s story beginning to unravel through the characters she meets. They all know about her and the River Witch, who was a friend of her mother’s, begins to teach her how to use her magic force.

 While Snow is the narrator of the story, she is still quite ignorant about many things, gradually learning who her family is, and why she is so desperately needed in this land. Total power is held by the king, and conflict and death result if anyone challenges him. The story shows many examples of conflicts, characters that have powers, and loyalty. In Icy Algid, her new home, Snow discovers witches, robbers and powerful characters that she must either fight or trust to complete her quest and rescue Bale.

 There are some beautifully descriptive passages in this book, and some of the language is quite evocative. The author has tapped into the uncertainties of a young woman; one who is fighting to understand herself and the motives of those who would destroy her. To be enjoyed by Fantasy fans and romantics alike.

AuthorDanielle Paige
PublisherBloomsbury Children
DistributorAllen & Unwin
ReleasedOctober 2016