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Dark and strangely mesmeric, this is a tale that looks at the many layers of society in Japan through the eyes of Ben Monroe, Social Psychologist, returned to Tokyo on a fruitless search for his former lover Kozue: a woman he had met twenty years ago.

Ben is a damaged man, shattered from his failed marriage, searching for somethin, he knows not what, but believes that if he can find Kozue, things may get better in his world.

His estranged teenage daughter Mizzy joins him reluctantly, in an attempt to get to know her father a little bit better.  On the flight out to Tokyo fellow passenger Koji, spends time speaking with her about a fable which is both traditional and powerful and will eventually have a horrifying bearing on her time in Japan.

Koji is a survivor of a cult which focuses or appears to focus on obsession; as the sole survivor he knows he should have committed suicide as the Cult demanded, which preys on his mind and his psyche, making him a very dangerous and unstable adversary.

Pushing the edges of noir, Hogg slowly entices the reader into a world of mystic, intrigue and the darker side of the human mind, as he takes his characters further and further into the underworld, a world where much is not as it seems, and danger lurks everywhere.

How these and many more characters are woven together makes an excellent read. Even if you are not a lover of this style of fiction, you will find it difficult to stop turning the pages as, like all intrigue, you simply get bound up and involved with the story.

AuthorNicholas Hogg
PublisherCargo Publishing