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Gluten, Dairy, Soya, Nut Free Cooking

This is one of the most exciting culinary journeys to grace the cookery book ranks in sometime created for people who suffer, in every sense of the word, food intolerance’s, whether it be a simple gluten intolerance or a more complex and complicated allergy to a range of food items.

Designed and created by Nada Farina in a desire to be able to feed her young family foods they were not allergic too, she has created, over a period of time and trial, recipes which will grace any table, whether you need to avoid certain foods and food groups or have simply made an informed decision to eat healthy, but still want to be able to enjoy more than salad vegetable.

Every recipe selected for the book has been trialed by her family and friends, tweaked and refined to be enjoyable, simple and easy to prepare and uses fresh, in season ingredients along with a range of other standard food items.

While searching for suitable recipes to use for her family, Nada and her husband, a dedicated, enthusiastic home cook, decided nutrition had to play a big part in the meals they were preparing. They used the Eatwell Plate model, a guide issued by the UK Government to provide guidance for a nutritional, balanced diet, to keep on track and provide the basis for healthy meals.

Every recipe is easy to prepare, many can be frozen, all consist of simple easy to obtain ingredients and most importantly they are dairy, soya, gluten and nut free. They also taste and look delicious.

There is a very informative section at the front of the book on the Eatwell Plate model and Food Intolerance which make very interesting and informative reading, along with another segment directed to the issue of deleting milk and dairy from the diet.

One other extremely important chapter or segment is titled, Make time for meals with your children. Why is this so very important, apart from the obvious answer? Children, who are intolerant to various foods, face a raft of challenges in their daily life which make this an issue and them different. This can, if allowed, cause them a great deal of difficulty simply going about their everyday lives.

By eating together as a family, all eating the same foods, all enjoying the benefits that come from sharing food at the family table a raft of benefits is made available to the children.

How to use the book is also explained as there is more to this than just recipes for food intolerance; there is a happy, healthy style of eating being made available to all who want to have flexibility in their diet, enjoyment from their food and pleasure in the eating.


AuthorNada Farina
PublisherNew Holland Publishers