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Kitchen Mojo

Paul Mercurio is a man of many talents, those of acting, dancing and latterly cooking. Well, a man must eat and if a man must eat, he may as well eat good food well cooked and incredibly tasty.

In Kitchen Mojo he appeals not only to the inner man and of course woman, but to the lover of good, simple well prepared dishes that encourage the novice in the kitchen to the experienced cook to branch out and try something little different.

The book is not aimed at teaching you to cook but towards encouraging you to cook, enjoying the experience and wanting to return to the kitchen over and over again. As one who has been cooking for years, it is lovely to come across a book that tells it like it is and has little introductory paragraphs giving an insight into how the dish was created, where the inspiration was gathered and the hidden mishaps that may change the dish to something other than intended, but with a little unexpected pizazz! Something we can all relate to with those dishes that just simply develop a mind and taste sensation of their own!

The instructions are clear and easy to follow which will encourage you in the right direction once you get the urge to create some kitchen magic, or simply to help you towards discovering that meals for one can be simple, quick, tasty and do not have to come out of a take-away container!

There are also little notes accompanying the dishes that fill in the hidden bits and pieces such as what a Chipotle chilli really is: and so forth and so fifth.

There is a great section aimed at an afternoon in front of the tellie watching the footy with a range of delicious bits and pieces to be served with, of course a cold bear or great glass of wine. Once again, simple and easy to prepare it will make a serious change to chips and dips that you usually serve up.

Veggies come into their own once again as he as presented them in a manner that is quick, easy and tasty. Mercurio almost convinces you that burning the beans is seriously OK!

Now if you want a rather fancy looking dish to impress, check out the section on seafood as it is seriously good. Not complex or complicated just deliciously easy to create and eat.

Basically there is something for everyone to have a go at cooking, all based on embracing your Kitchen Mojo, or if you have already embraced it, giving it a lift along the way to your dining room table via your kitchen.

It’s also a great gift for Father’s Day as there is an excellent section on BBQ dishes and, as everyone knows, Dad’s make simply the best BBQ chefs!

AuthorPaul Mercurio
PublisherMurdoch Books