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Mum’s The Word

This beautifully presented book with photographs and many, many ideas, is ideal for any busy Mum.  It would be a fantastic inclusion in a Kindergarten, Day Care or Junior Primary School as well.

The author has set out ideas, games and tips under various headings.  They are, “Play, Simple Ideas to Entertain,   Nest, Creating a Healthy Home Environment,    Eat, Ways To Make Fun Food and   Travel, Ideas for Away Days.”

The author’s aim in writing this book is to help Parents and Families who have to contend with behavioural issues.  She believes that quality time spent with the family

having fun and laughing together will go a long way to creating bonds of respect and love.  Many of the ideas in this book are inexpensive and easy to prepare, for example, putting sugar syrup in your mixture for bubbles, as it adds strength to the bubbles.

Within the ideas for play are basic educational concepts, so we see simple Science, Maths and Reading games explained.  For example, “Tying a balloon on a string to a doorway with sticky tape,” and having children punch the balloon up, shows what goes up and must come down—gravity.

The tips for travel are sensible and great fun.  From a day out to an overseas holiday, the rules are not forgotten, and the environment is always attended to, with the ideas of littering and plastics explained.  Animals, snow trips and camping are included in the book, and children, while having fun, are shown how to respect and enjoy their surroundings.

There is a section on must have toys, listing balls and balloons, cars and trains, costumes and Lego. The cooking section is intended to make food fun, and caters for gluten intolerant children. There are simple quick recipes for things like cheese snacks with puff pastry and grated cheese. The great idea of making ice cubes with inclusions such as gummy bears, or a mint leaf, or a rose petal is appealing.

Any new parents would be delighted with this book, as we are not all natural games organisers, and often when ideas are needed  we have not got the necessary materials to set up for play. There is a wealth of information here and set out so well that in simply flicking through the book you note many ideas.

AuthorDanielle Wright
PublisherNew Holland Publishers