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Paleo Monday to Friday

No, not the Paleo Diet again, you may well say; but wait, this time the style of eating is presented in a manner which will appeal to many, call it what you may, as the basis and logic behind the fabulous recipes and philosophy of chef Daniel Green is, that if you behave and eat well Monday to Friday, you can take the weekend off and eat of what could be considered, forbidden fruit.

Based on the 80/20 rule, being that if you watch what you are eating 80% of the time the other 20% can be used as required, which should be considered as extremely good sense, especially when that dinner party is fast advancing or that very special night out with friends could get tricky if it came down to strict food preferences.

To this end Daniel Green has set out the basis behind the Paleo way of eating, which in its most basic of formats is to eliminate most, if not all of the foods considered to be classified as bad for you, such as processed, highly refined, high starch and dairy, amongst other things and eat only foods that are considered healthy, wholesome and good for you.

Right you say, OK to that but, what can you eat? Well, it is very surprising just what you can eat that makes up a great, often quick, easy way of eating that will come along with a raft of health benefits. You may also discover this Paleo style of eating is surprisingly easy to stick to, considering there are no hard and fast rules really, just healthy, tasty choices to make.

Each of the recipes is mouth-watering and hard to beat for ease of preparation. Take the very simple Tuna Egg Muffins which are not only great for breakfast but could be put in the lunch box or served when guests visit.

Gazpacho is a traditional Spanish soup, best served cold which makes a tasty meal, and is once again great to take to work for lunch, or can be dressed up with a few prawns or cucumber sticks for that lunch party.

Further into the chapters, each titled to suit, there are scrumptious mains, desserts, soups and salads that will soon become firm favourites on your table or menu.

No matter what your eating preference is you will be guaranteed to find taste tempting dishes to add to the family table, the dinner party or simply to add a refreshing and healthy change to your dietary requirements.

Mmmm, now what’s for dinner? Maybe Avocado Chicken Salad followed by a Banana Soufflé or Tandoori Chicken with a fresh green salad with delicious Coconut Berries to follow or………..

Guess you could get spoiled for choice!


AuthorDaniel Green
PublisherKyle Books
DistributorSimon And Schuster
ReleasedFebruary 2016