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Pornburger Hot buns and juicy beefcakes

Well! How can a title like this not immediately set the juices running, the mouth-watering and ..Hey, wait a minute we are only talking about cooking here, nothing else. What you choose to garner from this crop of fantastic ways to create the divinely sensual take on burgers is strictly up to you!

Now on to the real thing, with the latest and most informative, if not strictly sensual, way with food that simply can’t help but create an event within a burger bun like no other, especially once Mathew Ramsey takes charge.

Food is, let’s all agree, imaginative, sensual and inspiring, and this can all be before it has left the kitchen, but in Ramsey’s opinion, it is more than that: it is a true moment of sensory bliss created, as you take that first bite into the world of the …… Burger, but not just any burger, the serious, grown up version that makes the stuff your parents and grandparents knew as a burger, seriously obsolete.

In this journey into the sensual world of Pornburgers, get set for a culinary journey that will entice, captivate, enrapture, titillate and  turn you into what Ramsey refers to as a ‘burger pervert’. Now have I got your interest!

Detailed recipes from Ramsey’s personal, tried and true, collection of burgers have been released so that you too can join him in this serious, sensual, ravishment of the palate as you get set to make a burger from scratch, creating first the bun or brioche, then the Stack, which can consist of just about anything edible; then, the moment of sublime bliss when you tuck into this amazing creation and experience your personal, sensual, moment of utter bliss.

This is a man who takes food seriously in whatever form it is created. He is a Le Cordon Bleu trained chef, food stylist, and photographer, having worked for National Geographic and the  San Francisco Chronicle’s Food and Wine Section, so sit up and take notice.  All this expertise is very apparent in this far from usual book of sublime foods, designed for foodies who delight in that something different, something special, revelling in experimentation with food

As a serious lover of food Mathew Ramsay details the entire event of creating the true pornburger, with each section of the book devoted to one or another style of food, even the ubiquitous Spam comes in for a much needed revamp into the modern world of food, with the Pornburger Quickie, Uncanned Heat.

Smoked Trout, Foie Gras, Deep Fried Macaroni Cheese, Yorkshire Pudding and much more strut their stuff over the pages, tempting and enticing, along with a huge compliment of condiments, sides, fries, sauces and dare I say it, a much needed section of Whistle Whetters, to help settle the nerves, slow the pulse and settle back into your comfy chair to reflect on the absolutely amazing experience you have just enjoyed, courtesy of the Pornburger.

Pornburgers are guaranteed to be the next best thing in foodie crazes, as what is there not to love, to enjoy and to experience, all captured between the two halves of a burger bun.

Just reading the recipes is more than enough to give you an almost out of world experience, let alone actually eating one! – Where could it all lead too……….

AuthorMathew Ramsey
PublisherMurdoch Books
DistributorMurdoch Books
ReleasedAugust 2016