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Salad Samurai

Contained within these pages are salad lovers dreams of fantastic foods, salads for all seasons, salads to be eaten all year, salads made with the best of seasonal offering and best of all there is something for every type of foodie that will push your ideas of salad right into the place they should be; your kitchen and dining room table.

Regardless of whether you live in the Northern or Southern climates there are times of the year when you simply crave for something different to eat, different to cook or create.

With the wonderful selections of creative salads captured in Salad Samurai, you have arrived at the threshold of taste sensation with foods that you may never have considered combining to create taste tantalising salad dishes.

Although the title may make you think of warriors, amazing physical feats and perhaps needing a climate change, rest assured all this can be found in your kitchen, down at your green grocers and best of all created by you.

Many may consider salads for all seasonal and daily life as something vegans, vegetarians or raw foodies get excited about, but you could not be further from the truth: fresh food, prepared and served with flair is something for everyone to eat and enjoy on a regular basis.

As you will discover as you read your way through the pages the humble salad of lettuce, tomato, onion, and whatever is alive and well, but has been joined by hundreds more mouth-watering dishes for healthy eating and enjoyment.

Salad is not the province of any one food type; it is accessible and easy to prepare for everyone. Obviously some dishes take more effort that others but you can throw together the “Klassic Caesar Salad’ after work,  ‘Mushroom, Barley and Brussels Harvest Bowl’ is best prepared when you have a little more time  and the ‘Plums Love Arugula Salad’ is definitely a seasonal dish to get the best out of the ingredients.

Enjoy these wonderful all year round seasonal and exciting new ways to deal with the humble and not so humble produce known to all as veggies and discover your hidden side, that of Salad Samurai.

AuthorTerry Hope Romero
PublisherDa Capo Lifelong Books