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This Could Get Messy

This is more than just another recipe book; this is a book about food, about the world and about more food, and having fun while you are thinking up more outlandish ways of serving good food to good friends and other people!

In James Wirth’s own words, ‘good food and drink is about having a good time with people you like; it shouldn’t be hard, but it should be tasty’.

This formula, along with a lot of help from his friends, who come along and eat the food and drink the drink,  has seen three blokes, in some ways you could say chance met, or put in the right place at the right time, take over a number of run down, past their prime ‘pubs’ and turn them into trendy places to eat, drink and be seen, based on the simple motto, good food, good drink and good company make for a great vibe. Along the way they have created the successful Drink ‘n’ Dine movement in the Pub scene.

James Wirth’s former life was that of a DJ travelling the world during the early 2000’s having a blast, playing his electronic music for all who would hire him, but  generally having a blast and living life to the fullest.

Greg Magree, who apart from being a great ‘thrower of moves’ on the dance floor, has a knack for property development, particularly in relation to reviving old ‘pubs’.

James Millar was running a club and looking to take on a new project since selling on his salad chain, ‘Sumo Salads’.

And there you have it, three wise men, whom co-opted the talented services of Michael Delany to pull all the crazy ideas together, added to that Jamie Thomas, chef extraordinaire, which equalled a huge success story, possibly with a little dash of complete larrikinism added at all times.

The abstract nature of the men behind the scenes is very obvious in the style of foods created and served at the various establishments throughout Sydney, but all have one thing in common, they are either world renowned dishes with a twist or are based on places and tastes experienced in their collective world travels.

As to what you would call this style or taste selection, well, some may call it fusion but it is far more than that, it is specifically styled to be a bit ‘rough around the edges, has fantastic flavour, so therefore I guess you could call it ‘pub-fusion, if you must give it a name.

Check out each of the quirky chapters which begin with a little footnote relating to the chapter. In the case of the second to last chapter, ‘’Drink all the drinks” the footnote states, ‘these drinks are to be drunk, not looked at,” which could be the footnote for the recipes, food is to be eaten not looked at, right.

Enjoy the flair, pizazz and fun contained within the pages of this creative, enjoyable presentation of seriously great food and drink to compliment, as you entertain over the wonderful, long, lazy days of summer.


AuthorJames Wirth
PublisherMurdoch Books
DistributorMurdoch Books
ReleasedOctober 2015