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Vanilla Table

The cover is pristine in its elegance, the photography is spectacular, the words are wonderful and best of all the recipes, in all their elegant presentation are delicious, delightful and in so many cases not all that complex to prepare and create.

What a relief, as the sheer simplicity of the presentation is almost off putting as you immediately think, ‘Oh, this will be far too complex for me. I need to be one step down from Chef Material to create whatever may be inside the cover.

Not so. Even though the collection, because that is what it is, comes from Chefs world-wide, noted for their skill and expertise, the selection is there to cater for all levels of kitchen cook; the person who delights in trying out something different and the person who loves to experiment with things new in the food line; particularly with the humble vanilla bean, a much ignored and misunderstood ingredient which is finally taking its place in culinary circles, as a bit more than something that comes out of a little bottle and you add it to the baking!

Natasha MacAller was a professional ballet dancer who graced the stages of the world with New York’s Joffrey Ballet and Boston Ballet for more than 30 years. During her seasonal layoffs she indulged in her other passion, that of cookery which eventually, when her time as a ballerina was up, proved to be the career she elected to move into and master.

She made the decision to retrain as a Chef and in doing so created another career that has seen her traveling the word, working with and mentoring chefs far and wide.

When she and New Zealand Chef Peter Gordon created, cooked and served vanilla based recipes at the First International Vanilla Food and Wine Event at the Heilala’s vanilla planation in the Kingdom of Tonga, her love affair with vanilla began with this book being just one of the offshoots of her time spent on the idyllic Pacific island of Vava’u.

Each of recipes in the collection comes with an easy to read table of ingredients, a detailed set of instructions clearly laid out and a little introductory note to accompany each one, which adds that personal touch from the various chefs.

To say Vanilla Table takes vanilla to another level simply goes without saying. As you set about trying out and experimenting you will enjoy the wonderful, aromatic flavour that accompanies each of the dishes.

Just a reminder! Don’t forget to read the Vanilla Pantry at the end of the book first as you will discover it too is filled with wonderful treasure which will help you with your vanilla creations.

AuthorNatasha MacAller
PublisherJackie Small