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90 Days of Heat- Freedom through Moksha

When David’s personal life hit the wall he was left feeling challenged in every respect. His belief in self had taken a beating as he was learning to cope with life as a single parent and becoming one person again, not one half of a couple. This is his journey into learning to begin again, to be able to live life to the fullest.

Life kept throwing what was to him a series of bad jokes. His car gave up the ghost: he was to get mugged, faced the daily grind of coping with a well-meaning but interfering family and falling into depression. His sense of rawness and vulnerability was significant.

As he was finally turning the corner with his life he came across a yoga therapy, ‘Moksha Yoga’, went in enrolled and discovered a completely different, challenging and rewarding way of healing and rebirth.

His initial booking was for 30 days but as he moved forward the massive shift in his beliefs, his mental wellness and his physical awareness was so significant he decided to carry on to complete 90 days, or take what turned out to be a 90 day journey back into life.

He carefully diarised his journey, mainly to try and explain to himself the journey he was on: looking back from a new perspective to try and understand just what happened and why.

As he progresses on his 90 days of discovery he learned to understand one fundamental fact about life: accept where you are at right now. Accept the feelings, sensations and the thoughts that are with you at this time as they are your teachers: you own this moment.

Moksha Yoga may not be for you, but simply reading about the journey, the silence, the breath, the philosophy, will bring a sense of peace and allow you to realise that, with a little bit of effort and a desire to understand, you can relearn trust in the inner self: you can reach a place in your life where you too can say, life is truly an ever-changing journey and I love it.

Enjoy this journey with David as each day you discover something wonderful about your life, even on the dark days, the days when nothing seems to go right; you learn to let go of the issues which are in so many ways cluttering up your inner being.

AuthorDavid Matthew Brown