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A Short Guide to a Long Life

Encapsulated into one tiny little book is a handbook for life, for healthy living, crammed full of seriously good advice on what to eat, what to take and what to watch out for as you travel through life, David B Agus’s recipe for along and healthy life is very simple; eat well, exercise well and stay on top of health issues. Get the right advice and do your best to stick to it.

The three sections, What to Do, What to Avoid and Doctor’s Orders lay it all out in a clear and easy to understand manner. 50 short entertaining and very succinct of segments of information on based on the latest scientific findings encourage you towards the best method of looking after your health.

The final section deals with doctors’ orders completing the encouragement to develop not just a new eating regime, but new lifestyle.

AuthorDavid B Agus. MD
PublisherSimon & Schuster