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The Force

When you pick up The Force you tend to think here we go again- another one of these books, but there you are totally wrong.  Yes, another one of those books, but one that has you relating to the subliminal and dastardly effects that modern technology has on our lives, and in every aspect of our daily life.  This is, in essence, a handbook to a healthy way forward in today’s ever-increasing technical world.

Chapter after chapter of facts, case studies, research and firsthand information combined with helpful, cost effective ways of counteracting the deadly, in some instances, effects of the radiation emitted by mobile phones, computers, household gadgets, even down to where the electrical wiring in the house is and the effect it can have on occupants, makes this a must have and must read book.

It certainly had me running for cover, changing the layout of the electrical equipment in the house, checking the outdoor area for power lines , removing the electrical gadgetry from beside the bed to sleep better and, much more because the information detailed and document in this book, is too compelling to ignore.

AuthorLyn McLean
ISBN9781921640292 (pbk)