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Home Truths

Once you get past the regulatory ‘language’ this is a funny, irreverent look at the the domestic scene and life with the family, told in the very witty and wise manner of comedienne Many Nolan.

Everything is of course,  based on her journey so far, growing up in spite of her better efforts, becoming a wife and mother, along with a few other things she seems to be able to manage it fit into a very busy life.

Funny, with laugh out loud moments we can all relate to, we are taken on a roller coaster ride around all the issues, we as young, naïve people just starting out on our life journey, to slightly older, but not always wiser, mature people trying to cope with simply coping, come across, or fall over as they travel their way through life.
Somehow she manages to make the most mundane of tasks on the domestic front enjoyable and also tells it like it I, so we can all say, ‘thanks for that, I’m not the only one’.

By telling her tale of country kid to city kid, she not only highlights the funny, droll and dire side of growing up but also the pitfalls so many crash headlong into, while pretending they really ‘do know it all’, but really don’t know anything, really!

Best read in chapters, otherwise you tend to become a little overwhelmed with the mass of information, and you might miss something, the pages become almost addictive as you begin to realise there is someone else just like you out there, simply trying to get it all together, somehow.

You simply have to turn another page to find out that maybe it does come out all right, because it did happen to her and well!

There is something comforting to know that celebrities such as she, do have to cope with getting the kids to school on time, school lunches, the thousand and one other things that crop up in a day in the life of any family, all while trying to get a life of their own.

Witty, insightful, irreverent and a whole lot of fun, you will definitely enjoy a peek inside a life that somehow constitutes family life, hers and by association, yours!

AuthorMandy Nolan
PublisherFinch Publishing