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Astrology; secrets of the moon

We are all interested, even if we pretend we are not, in just what our real potential is in life; who we are and what it truly is that makes up the person we are in this world.

In Astrology: secrets of the moon, Patsy Bennett, renown Astrologer and Psychic, takes us on a journey of self-discovery, enabling us to be able to discover who we are and what makes us tick.

Using the Moon and the Moons north nodes, representing your soul pathway, she has set out to introduce you to yourself via one of the two most powerful and influential guiding lights in our lives, the Moon, with the other being the Sun.

Many are familiar with the Sun Signs or our astrological signs based on our birth date and month: Moon north nodes are exactly the same but will show you your soul pathway in this lifetime, how to travel your pathway well and what best to understand, to be able to become fulfilled; that you are on the right pathways to fulfilment. If not the information will also help you correct issues or areas which may need adjustment or better understanding.

There is a chart to help you identify your North Node and once you have done this, the rest is simple. Each of the signs is broken down into sections with each section having a separate list towards the end of it which has been constructed to help you focus on your special talents. There is also the Challenges and Pitfalls section to help you circumnavigate the hazards as you set off on your journey.

Obviously if you are interested in discovering more about who you are, your spiritual self, Moon north nodes can be broken down further into finer details, but to begin with this is a simple, easy and enjoyable way of opening the door.

As modern people we have largely forgotten the reverence the Moon and Sun held for our   ancestors. Both were considered vital to their wellbeing, both used to chart their way over land and seas, to bring light to their life and food to their tables. Philosophers and scientists have long made the connection between our wellbeing and our celestial partners, as vital to our survival.

Astrology per se has survived over millenniums, in more recent times considered a form of entertainment, it is anything but; it is an empirical science that has been studied, recorded and revered for centuries and does have a direct bearing on who we are, our purpose in life and our potential.

By understanding more about ourselves we are able to make the most of our given talents, understand why the road travelled gets tough and how you can and will evolve as a proactive, conscious, awakened person.

AuthorPatsy Bennett
PublisherRockpool Publishers