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Clear Your House

Clearing your house might sound a bit abstract, as it does not, in this instance, refer to giving away the furniture but to cleaning out old, stale and negative energy. Stop and think a minute about space, energy and the people who use or live in that space.Everyone gives off a form of energy, good, bad, happy sad and indifferent; traces of this remain in a space or building long afterwards.

That this energy left behind accumulates like dust in the corners, should be easily understood. Many of us have walked into a room or space and been immediately aware of the energy in the room; if things are happy so too is the energy; if there has just bean massive upset that too is very evident.

Death, as does happiness, leaves its trace but like everything else, energy needs to be cleaned from your home, office or special place every now and then.

If you have bought a new home, are preparing yours for sale, or simply wanting to have energy ‘spring clean’, Jade-Sky has created a comprehensive guide to ‘space clearing’ which, if followed and used correctly will definitely transform your area to be more harmonious and positive.

She has set out the many and varied reasons when or why you should consider clearing the room or space, as well as the types of energies that tend to accumulate and how best to set about dealing with them. Techniques and tools that need to be used to be effective along with various affirmations to be used are also addressed.

Once the cleaning has been done it is important to make sure the new, fresh positive energy remains that way. Jade-Sky presents options available for you to choose from beginning with Feng Shui and moving across colours, mandalas and the ever faithful and enjoyable plants.

Full of helpful tips and information, along with some seriously good ways of clearing energy, there is something for everyone who wants to make their home, office or special place, fresh, positive and harmonious once again, or alternatively needs help to keep the stress levels down when desiring to selling their home quickly and effectively or just coping with the everyday stress of modern life.

AuthorJade Sky
PublisherNew Holland Publishers