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Aliens and the Unexplained.

Whether there are other life forms other than the human form inhabiting Planet Earth is an issue that has long been debated. If there is, how do they come to earth, and if they do what do they do here and how do they move from one planet to another or one dimension to another?

In rock art and cave painting discovered throughout the world there is recorded evidence that in prehistoric times, there a was ‘god-like’ creature that did indeed come to earth and was considered by the ancient peoples to be some form of God-like being, as this ‘divinity’ came from the sky and definitely did not live on the earth as they did.

The shapes and forms that have been recorded amongst the many drawing shows a range of beings from long tall people, to those with large eyes, with others wearing a type of helmet or headwear depicted.

Perhaps some the better recordings are those of the Wandjinas recorded by the indigenous people of Australia in the Kimberley region and date back to more than 60,000 years and then there is the ‘Great Martian God’ discovered in the Tassili mountains of North Africa. 

But since those times long ago and in more recent times over the past 60 years there have been many strange and unexplained events occurring, which defy a logical explanation. Events such as the crop circles, rapidly moving lights in the skies over many countries, unexplained chunks of time missing from peoples days and lives, and evidence of strange people looking through house windows from what appear to be brightly shining craft.

Project Blue Book established by the US Airforce was a project established to investigate the reported 12,618 UFO sightings between 1947 and 1969, of which 701 still remain classified as ‘unidentified’.

There are other and many anomalies throughout history, such as the Pyramids of Egypt, Stonehenge and ‘The Starchild Skull’, as well as the highly sophisticated form of communication such as Fermi’s Paradox. Discovered by physicists Enrico Fermi and Michael Hart, they estimated there was a high probability the extra-terrestrials communicated, and still do communicate, with people here on Planet Earth.

But as the years roll by and people are becoming far more sophisticate, they are prepared to consider and accept that perhaps there are many more races of people coming and going from this planet.

Reading Rose Inserra’s research poses far more questions that it answers, giving a considerable amount to background to the plausibility that there are definitely visitors amongst us all the time and they range from the benign to the belligerent, the helpful to the hinderer and the curious.

Inserra also considered the raised levels of sightings and ‘visitors’ could have a bearing on the destruction being caused to Planet Earth by poor management of earth’s resources, which could possibly be causing some considerable distress to other ‘terrestrial’s’, as whatever the end result is for Earth, will or may, also have a considerably devastating effect on the places and galaxies that are inhabited by others.

Overall the entire work is one that raises many issues, makes seriously intriguing reading and provokes the question, that if ‘God-like’ creatures have been coming and going for thousands of years, why is it that over the past 50 or more years, Governments have tried to confuse and bamboozle people,  and why have the sightings increased.

Many cultures have prophesied we as a society are in for some considerable changes, which will mostly impact negatively on our planet, and perhaps as the Hopi Indians have predicted that at some time, ‘humanity will shift towards a new way of living – creating the beginning of the fifth world’.

It really does make you begin to think, to wonder, that perhaps we could be at the dawning of that time now!

AuthorRose Inserra
PublisherRockpool Publishers
DistributorRockpool Publishers
ReleasedNovember 2016