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Collage and Keep – A creative Journal to inspire your life

Journals are very personal things, a bit like diaries of times long gone, packed full of fascinating things considered as very important all those years ago. They are also, as the years slip by, somewhat of a social commentary on how the person creating the works saw their life and the things that were worth recording to them at the time.

With the world moving so very fast, this deliciously delightful book will encourage you towards creating you own special slice of who you are right now.

There is no special hurry to complete a collage diary, which this one is, as it is often the case that something extra special does not happen in your life each day, or at least is noteworthy of adding to your special book.  All it takes is time.

The pages are divided up into projects if you choose to use it in that manner,or alternatively, you can be abstract by dipping into the pages as you choose. As you look back over the time it has taken you to compile this window of your life, you will notice the months moving along or the years passing and reflect with wisdom gained, on the person you were then.

If it takes you some years to complete your diary, that’s OK, as it will eventually give you a view looking back to where you have been and how far and varied your life has been and reached, as it has been enjoyed.

In the front of the book there are several helpful hints to get you started, titles to encourage you to fill the pages such as  ‘bright ideas’ and ‘what hand have you been dealt’, ‘how would you use more time’ and a wonderful page to ‘fill with wishes’.

Along with creating a journey of your life you can have a lot of fun, discover the creative you and explore a world that is, with each new day, filled with a wondrous collection of events, people and things which may, should you choose, appear in your journal, noted down for posterity!


AuthorEleanor Shakespeare
PublisherQuarto UK