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Girl v’s Boy Band – The Right Track

When Lark’s Mum signs up what she considers to be  the next big pop success , the boy band Abby Road, Lark is horrified to find out that not only is she expected to be the cheer squad at the airport, the boys in the band are staying at her place. She is not happy, not happy at all.

Although she totally understands how hard it is for her Mum to make a success of her record label, she is still finding it hard to fit in to her new school and it is only her friend Mimi that makes the difference.

She finds that by playing her music, writing her songs about being homesick for her previous life in Nashville, she is able to relax and feel good about the changes in her life. Mimi is a mad keen, talented filmmaker and wants to record everything Lark writes and sings so she can practice her skills. Trouble is that Lark is so shy, painfully so, that she has forbidden Mimi to put any of the footage up on U-tube.

But when the three boys, Max, Ollie and Aiden erupt into her life suddenly everything changes. Not only is she the not only teen in the house, she somehow seems to have gained three, large, noisy, good looking, musically talented brothers.  Life as she once knew it was no longer!

So after a concert to end all concerts at school, Lark discovers Mimi has somehow slipped up and failed to retrieve a clip from U-tube and more people than her Mum have seen it. She has to make a decision, to take it down or leave it ……………

Harmony Jones has taken all the issues that young teens face in their everyday life and woven them into a warm, funny, quirky tale about change, growing up, overcoming your fears and simply learning to fit in.

Based about music, school, loneliness and friendship, as well as learning to stand up for yourself, this is the first book in a series aimed directly at the Tween market, but also makes a great read for any Teen who enjoys a great story.

Look out for the next book to discover which decision Lark made and just what comes next!


AuthorHarmony Jones
PublisherBloomsbury Children
DistributorAllen & Unwin
ReleasedJuly 2016