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Space Dumplins

Graphic novel characters come to life in a space story about life in far space and strange other events, as well as strange space machines and mobile families, and more strange characters and more and more strange adventures!

Dad is a space hauler who is off on a space mission, Mum is a designer and Violet is a school girl; yep even in a space fantasy.

Violet gets to know Elliott who is a chicken that has evolved from poultry to a complete nerd, which shows how the world has changed in space. Violet, Zacchaeus, a friend who looks like a brown bean, and Elliott, through a series of events which include having her school eaten by a space whale, which may possibly have also swallowed her father, go on an adventure to try and sort something out, but what!

In the meantime Violet decides she needs to find her father, who is on a space mission or swallowed by a whale, so she and her friends set off to try and find her daddy! This leads to a whole range of complications as only strange adventures in strange places, can do.

Along the way they meet more of the very strange inhabitants of far space, which unfortunately for them destroy their robot minder which causes them untold troubles. But somehow or other they land in a junk heap where Violet finds a part which can help activate another piece of machinery to help them escape.

They eventually find themselves in the very murky world of murk, where they do eventually discover Violets father and set off another adventure in a series of even more very strange events.  But what have they learned on their adventures? Well, it would seem lots of things about values and some other stuff, which as it turns out is very important!

This is a totally left of centre graphic novel designed to capture the imagination of people of all ages. All you need is a totally wacky imagination, a love of the bizarre, and a great sense of humour and there you have it: a fantasy space adventure that you can’t put down until the very last page. Pretty good, I reckon!

AuthorCraig Thompson