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Wolfblood: Pull of the Moon

Maddie Smith has a secret that is so secret that if it gets out it will change her life forever.  Her family are a family of Wolfbloods which, as she is still young and has not changed over yet, causes her some considerable trouble.

The issue is that every full moon her family change into wolves and she has, in order to keep them safe, lock them all in the cellar until the danger has passed. It is a guardianship that is somewhat different!

As she is a Wolfblood, although does not have the same characteristics yet, other than heightened senses, she can still sense if another Wolfblood is in the area, which could endanger her entire family.  It would appear that there is another one somewhere in the school she attends.  But who is it.

Rhydian is a new kid at school and lives with his foster family; He also has a secret that must be kept. He just happens to be in the same class and Maddie soon realises he is the one she can sense. They form a friendship based on the fact that their secret is theirs and theirs alone.

They have to carry on like normal kids, hang out with their friends just like normal teenagers, all the while dodging the many trigger points that may if allowed, encourage them to follow their Wolfblood instincts.

To further complicate matters, Rhydian’s birth mother, Ceri, a wild Wolfblood, decides to make herself known to him, causing even more problems, as she is trying to entice him into the wild in order to be wild and free, to run with the pack, showing him through a different dimension what life could be like, if only he would join her and the pack.

Problems start when their friends Tom and Shannon decide to start investigating just why farm animals have been mysteriously disappearing in the area over the past few months. Shannon is a photographer who is sure she has seen what appear to be wolves in the area and is determined to find out what is going on and by doing so, discovers Maddie and Rhydian’s secret.

What happens next is something none of them ever expected, which plunges not just Tom and Shannon into mortal danger but also Maddie, her family and Rhydian.

As this is the first book in the series which has gone on to become a television series on the BBC, Robert Rigby does an excellent job of setting the scene for what is to come next.



AuthorRobert Rigby
PublisherBonnier/Picadilly Books
DistributorAllen & Unwin
ReleasedApril 2016