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In ‘Adore’ Joseph Sullinger has created a unique blend of classical and romantic guitar, which allows each of the slightly ethereal pieces to flow gently into the soul, in a style that is as timeless and pleasurable as the setting sun in the evening, the rhythmic ebb and flow of the ocean, the all-pervasive knowledge that music is the very essence of life.

‘Mi Amor ‘is created from enticing, tempting and intriguing notes floating gently out of the ether to woo you into settling gently down; allowing the inner self to relax, transport to another time and place; a place of subtle harmonies and pleasure; timeless, endless, beauty.

Once you have entered the realms of Joseph Sullinger and his guitar you are moved into another time and space, with the light and delicate rhythms of the guitar, entwined with the gentle strains of the violin, creating the deeply relaxing composition ‘In The Evening’, which offers the peace to be found in the settling of the day; the transcendental nature of the evening light as it washes over the lands.

An upbeat tempo shakes you out of the tranquillity with ‘Adore’, but not so far that you lose the mellow feelings so far discovered.

Melting into the heart is ‘Aurora’, a delicate piece that changes to a more up-tempo rhythm but slides into the slower pace of a heart, a soul, a spirit at rest.

Solitude’ is simply that; sitting at rest slowly playing the guitar, gently, subtly but with the sense of being at one with the music; the solitude that comes from being in the moment; that moment which can be given only once.

Moving gently over the senses is ‘Caravan’, followed by the sharper, more definite melodies of ‘Romance’; portraying the freshness of new love, new beginnings, which flow seamlessly into the mellow nature of constant love, filled with a joyfulness which comes from acceptance, understanding and joy.

Farewell’ comes all too soon, as the soft sounds of birds and ocean waves breaking gently on the shore bid  you farewell as you are returned to your world feeling softer, more relaxed and at peace.


Released February 2016
Artists Joseph Sullinger