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Seashells in My Pocket

The title of this solo piano album is reminiscent of picking up little bits and pieces as one wanders down that pathway, or along a stretch of beach, then placing them in a holder of some sort or other upon return; there to be taken out and memories of that time, place and space enjoyed once again.

Measured and peaceful, this debut album from classically trained pianist Pam Asberry has been inspired by some of the many places she has travelled and enjoyed throughout her life. Heartfelt and poignant, simple melody is used to present minutes in time, such as in the piece Wishing Stones, where one of the local traditions in Aruba is to build a small cairn of stones on the beach and make a wish. Of course hoping it will come true.

As a classical pianist, Asberry was more than familiar with following a set score; branching out was not a consideration until one early morning during a walk, a melody arrived refusing to leave until it was written down. That melody is Monterey Morning and became the first of the many compositions to follow.

Each of the pieces is melodic and graceful, lending themselves to an easy listening style that encourages reflection of the many simple pleasures stored away, reminding one of  some of those many little items, treasures of special of times enjoyed, delicate moments never to be repeated, the beauty of nature there for enjoyment by all.

Dunn’s River Falls changes the tempo completely with a dramatic introduction, then showcases Asberry’s talent more so than any of the other pieces, as it encourages visions of water pounding over the waterfall, rushing steadily to the bottom to crash in a turbulent manner before flowing into a peaceful stream.

Wrapping up a delightful album is Sailing Home, a gentle, melodic and absolutely peaceful composition, reminiscent of sailing into harbour after a tiring, but enjoyable day on the water, a peaceful walk along the beach at sunset, the joy of looking over hills and mountains at the end of a day when all is done and peace begins to descend in a timeless and beautiful manner.

Pam Asberry in her debut album has created music that will be enjoyed for a long time to come.

Distributor CD Baby
Released 2017
Running Time 54:00 secs
Artists Pam Asberry