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Thankful Heart, Joyful Mind

Fresh onto the Christmas music scene is this heart-warming solo piano album Thankful Heart, Joyful Mind from acclaimed pianist Pam Asberry, a lady who absolutely enjoys the traditional holiday season and all the wonderful moments created in this season of thankfulness and joy.

Each of the pieces chosen to make up this eclectic Christmas collection, have been carefully selected from sacred and secular music spaning nine centuries and eight countries, which adds a refreshing aspect to the traditional music familiar to the season.

The journey across the ages and through various countries begins with Gesu Bambino written by Peitro Yon which has been enjoyed in Italy since 1917, and is a gentle, peaceful rendition of the lovely piece.

Wexford Carol is passionate piece from Ireland written in the 18th century, lilting along in a most enjoyable and intriguing manner, slightly hesitant in parts and far more confident in others, creating a lovely sense of time gently passing. The much-loved Irving Berlin hit, White Christmas follows in a reflective and gentle rendition of this Christmas favourite.

The intriguing work of Gustav Holst, an English Composer popular at the turn of the 19th century, is presented in In The Bleak of Midwinter, which is an enchanting presentation of a very traditional work not often associated with the spirit of Christmas, as it not at all obvious but in its beauty, creates the vision of snow drenched fields, fingers warming over the log fire and delicious anticipation associated with the season of Christmas.

March of the Kings, a traditional French carol, with the melody considered perhaps older the 13th century, when the most beautifully crafted words beginning with, ‘Three great Kings I met at early morn, With all their retinue were slowly marching…………’ were added to the melody, which are well worth discovering.

Come, Let Us Anew written to welcome in the New Year arranged by James Lucas and penned by Charles Wesley in the 1700’s, making this a fitting end piece to this peaceful, enjoyable and refreshing musical tribute to the holiday season soon to be upon us all, and one that will be enjoyed as a welcome break from the tried, true and overcommercialised pieces familiar to everyone.

Thankful Heart, Joyful Mind is perfect for relaxing while wrapping the presents, enjoying a plate full of goodies with friends, or simply just relaxing after a long enjoyable day celebrating with friends, family or in the way you most enjoy.

Alternatively, it will make the perfect antidote to a season filled with rush and bustle, offering in a quite option to be totally enjoyed!

Distributor CD Baby
Released October 2018
Running Time 50:58secs
Artists Pam Asberry