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Mystical Morning

As with all his music Gronau always manages to add the element of surprise. The title of the album Mystical Morning tends to make you think it is going to be full of gentle sound and movement, but instead you greet the day with a blast of sound. In Gronau’s words, ‘turn this one up louder than normal’ and bask in the sound, the beat of the bass and get set with positive vibes to take on the day.

Moving along to Sri Lanka the beat of drums adds to the flavour of the morning, evening or anytime during the day, as it keeps the energy levels up there. Guest drummer Ansgar Ueffink cuts loose with freedom and feeling.

Now that you are awake and ready to enjoy the moment the pulse slows with ‘Mystical Morning’, with delicate touches and electronic blends weaving throughout a range of differing instrumentational sounds.

As you move through the music you go from up tempo, to reflective, gentle and delicate, inspirational; all the emotions that can be felt in the course of a day. The delicate feel of a new day, the mystique of an early evening, the excitement of a new romance, the hope and joy when you let someone into your heart and the overwhelming feeling which comes from climbing to the top of that Mountain, whatever it may be, are all carefully placed there for you to enjoy.

Before you get too complacent, there are the rock beats that simply blast you out of your delicate and introspective state, encouraging you to cross that bridge, and keep on moving on.

As many of the pieces have been composed with specific places and moments in mind, you get a small look at the various segments of a life which have led to the creating of Mystical Moments, such as the Tribute to Emerson, Lake and Palmer, the reflection of the monkeys sitting beside the keyboard at a concert in Sri Lanka, a misty morning at Gronau’s home in the country and the slightly spooky essence of the light behind the door in his cellar.

Once again a wonderful, enjoyable and interesting release from Gronau will reach out and appeal to all who love and enjoy a musical journey into the unexpected; this is Ewe Gronau at his best.
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