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Silence of Peace

Silence of Peace is everything it is touted to be, peaceful, relaxing and de-stressing. Created by musician and composer John Levine to be used in and with relaxation therapy and as an adjunct to meditation, the alpha wave effect is truly remarkable.

As background music, I can vouch for the effect it has had in my home- a sense of stillness is created, one in which you can feel the stress of the busy environment slipping away, with peacefulness flowing into the clear spaces created with the use of alpha wave tones.

Incredibly delicate use of the piano, based on the centuries-old pentatonic and Lydian scales, builds the music slowly taking you into an alpha state in four minutes.  Once in this relaxed state you are able to rest the mind, allow your imagination to roam free and let the stress and disharmony of the days melt into the ether.

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