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World Café

Catchy and jaunty the latest work from Ron Korb, World Café, has captured the very essence that makes up all the wonderful, colourful and vibrant meeting places of the world, in a fabulously light-hearted journey throughout the Latin world of Spain, Cuba, islands of South America and the South Pacific.

Bailar Conmigo (Come Dance With Me) comes straight from the heart of the Spanish Latino beat that gets the feet tapping, the blood pumping and the joy of life and living flowing through the spirit.

An accordion solo from Joseph Macerollo in Sans Regret takes you to the shores of the Mediterranean where the definite, haunting and persuasive sounds of the accordion mixed with piano, bass and drums offer a moment of reflection, on a balmy Mediterranean evening.

Clipping along is the third piece Cordoba featuring Ron Korb on flute with a cameo performance from Johannes Linstead, who adds his own pulsating beat to the overtones of a torrential downpour one afternoon in Cordoba, which provided the inspiration behind this gloriously up-tempo piece.

Island Life sees the slightly more laid back and mellow ambience of the South Pacific captured with Korb on 12-hole ocarina, Bill Bridges, Aiden Mason and Steve Lucas on guitars, joined by Ben Riley on drums and Larry Crowe on a collection of percussive items such as shell shakers, walnut shells and the maracas, encapsulating all that is the very heartbeat of South Pacific life.

In a change from his usual style of composition, Ron Korb wrote the lyrics to Take My Hand while composing the melody; a piece which at its very heart, offers ‘the message that the path to happiness is very simple.’ The words are beautiful, there to be enjoyed as a piece of poetry set to the samba beat. The words to Take My Hand are in the booklet built into cover of the album; a trademark of Korbs’ albums.

A sultry element is introduced in New Orleans, a piece which captures the very many vibes that go into making up the passionate, enigmatic, intensely cosmopolitan mix of edginess and intrigue, which gives this port city in the Gulf of Mexico a certain seductive sultriness that captures the heart eternally.

No musical world journey of this nature would be complete without a tribute to the flamboyance of the Carnival so famously known worldwide. Music is an essential element of this Portuguese festival held each year before Lent, with the wild extravagance, street dancing and costumes of Mardi Gras creating a fast-paced pulsating beat, which has been captured perfectly.

Sans Regret Finale is written for bass flute and four ‘cello’, with inspiration provided from the streets of old Montreal as they settle into peaceful contemplation in the evening twilight; streets like so many others, that have seen the years roll inevitably onward, offering as time passes a mellow acceptance of all who have walked that way. Low and evocative this is a beautiful, gentle and reflective piece with which to say farewell until next time, when we meet in the World Café.

World Café is Ron Korb at his best.

Distributor Humbledragon
Released 2018
Artists Ron Korb