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Be More Vegan

The young person’s guide to a plant-based lifestyle

Many young people are becoming increasingly interested in where their food comes from, and how it is kept and processed. With this in mind, Niki has produced Be More Vegan which addresses a wide range of issues dealing with Vegan choices. The way the book is presented, makes it easy to read. The author looks at a variety of relevant topics, and is nonjudgmental, which will ensure its success. Whether browsing or reading through the chapters, one can’t help but enjoy the relevant and interesting facts.

The chapters begin with the following, “Why am I VEGAN? The VEGAN kitchen. There are recipes given towards the end of the book. There are suggestions for substitutes for products such as milk, eggs and chocolate to use in baking, and a list of store cupboard essentials. These include condiments, fresh herbs and products for your fridge and freezer. To begin, the author gives information on planning recipes, staying safe and clean, and weights and measures. The support given for a young cook is thorough.

Simple examples for making a nut cheese and plant milk are given so that the breakfast menu can be followed. With photos and clear instructions, easy dishes, such as oat pots with different toppings, look scrumptious. The lunch menu follows a similar format with easy to read instructions, and tips on serving. The photos add to the appeal.

There is a Glossary of Useful terms, and an explanation of Cooking Techniques and ingredients at the back, as well as an Index. This is a powerful way to introduce young people to the kitchen, as well as to a different lifestyle and thinking.

Author Niki Webster
Publisher Welbeck/Welbeck Children's
ISBN 9781783125692
Distributor Murdoch Books
Released January 2020