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138 Dates

The true story of one woman’s search for everything

What will it take to follow your dream! In Rebekah Campbell’s case it took an awful lot, 138 dates to be exact; 138 dates where she met a wide and varied range of characters, some funny, some out for a lark, others looking for love, an affair, a good time or just like so many, simply lonely, looking for companionship.

Well known in the business world as an entrepreneur, a founder of an immensely successful business empire, a columnist for NY Times and a blogger of note, as well as a sough after inspirational speaker, she realized that these things were not the things she wanted most in her life.

When the lights went out a night, she was just Rebekah Campbell; lonely, sad and dejected at not being what she had always dreamed of being by the age of 34; a mother of children in a loving marriage or partnership. But what to do.

Turning 34 she realized it was almost 10 years since she had been on a date. Something needed to be done about this as the clock was ticking and while she was a successful business woman who loved what she did, she truly believed her real life goal was to be a mother.

After much consideration and angst, she decided to apply the principals of business that had seen her achieve success, to finding her life partner, which also came with the deep concern of rejection, embarrassment and people she knew seeing her post on dating websites.

The first step was carefully taken and so began a journey into much more than she had ever anticipated; a journey where she had to face some deeply emotional issues before she could move forward in her search for a lifetime partner and hopefully children. Time marched relentlessly onward, her search expanding to New York, where she was based for some time seeking funding for her business, before she finally achieved her goal.

Her story reads almost like a work of fiction except that it is not, it is a well written captivating, emotional look at what it really takes to eventually believe in yourself, face your fears and remain determined and committed to what is really important in your life.

Tucked away in the final chapters and at random intervals is the issue of IVF and egg harvesting, a newish concept that for many women could be of vital importance and one that Rebekah Campbell sees as a terrific scientific advancement for all women.

Epilogue Christmas Day 2020 wraps the book up nicely, with final explanations offered for many of the slightly loose ends discovered on the way through the pages and brings a life journey to a lovely pause, as far as the reader is concerned, as Campbell shares her love of family, friends and all the important aspects that have made up her fascinating, interesting, successful life to date and make up her happy, family life, 2020 style.

138 Dates from Rebekah Campbell will make you laugh, cry, cringe, celebrate and champion her cause and does prove that the end, whatever that may be, is always worth the effort.

Author Rebekah Campbell
Publisher Allen & Unwin
ISBN 9781988547848
Distributor Allen & Unwin
Released July 2021