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A Country Nurse

A Country Nurse is not just a book about nursing in the country; it is a great deal more! It is a description of the day to day life of the author, who happened to be a nurse, in some remote locations around Australia.

Thea Hayes has written a fascinating account of her post ‘An Outback Nurse’ life in her second book “A Country Nurse’. By recording her adventures and her challenges, which result from the ups and downs of life in rural Australia, in an anecdotal style, she captures the interest of her readers. The reader’s curiosity, about life in places they will probably only visit vicariously, is further heightened by descriptions of the towns/districts, their inhabitants and their history.

Through the pages of the book the author introduces the reader to her friends, family and community: her thirst for a full life sparkles through. Ms. Hayes’ positive outlook and ‘can do’ attitude resonates as the reader becomes absorbed in this book. The natural and family disasters, which impact on her life are recounted in a matter of fact manner, but never dwelled upon.

This book would have better lived up to its title if the reader was given more than a glimpse of her work as a ‘country nurse’. Greater insight into the rewards and difficulties of rural medicine would have enhanced the reader’s understanding of the author’s professional life.

A Country Nurse is an easy read and gives the reader a better appreciation of the trial and tribulations of outback living.

AuthorThea Hayes
PublisherAllen and Unwin
DistributorAllen and Unwin
ReleasedJanuary 2020