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A Nomads Journey

There are biographies and autobiographies and then there is, once in a time or two, a BIOGRAPHY, and this is it. History in the making as told by the father Shevki and history in modern times as told by the son Atilla, make this one of the most compelling stories of human survival in the context of the past century.

Commencing with the story of Shevki and his journey from 1888 when he was born into a Crimean Tatar family in Romania, to his eventual arrival on the shores of America, to the telling of the story by Atilla into today’s world, gives an intimate, very personal and unique look at the many events which have help shaped modern day politics and perceptions.

Chilling horrors are retold with no less emphasis on the brutality of the events:  History retold through a family who were there, were the creators of some of the history and the survivors of much more makes fascinating reading.

Detailed and almost painstaking attention has been paid to historic documentation of contemporary world events which makes this incredible story of family survival that much more compelling.

AuthorAtilla Bektor P.E.