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Alphabet Soup

With her trade mark warmth and sense of fun Melissa Doyle offers us a small insight into her world – that of mother, wife and career woman.

By doing so she gives all working Mums a boost when they realise that behind the smiling face so well known in the world of Morning TV hosting, there is a person just like them; sleep deprived, worrying over the kids and trying to fit far too much, into far too little time.

Each chapter is a separate little snippet into what it is like to be a well-known face on the tellie and how she goes about dealing with her career requirements, that of coping with an growing family and their myriad of demands and requirements, as well as the help and support she both gives and receives from others in the community coping with similar issues – that of how to make an day go just that little bit further.

She stresses the need for the “mother network”; that of other Mums banding together to help each other out along the way. She believes in the power of getting to know the other Mums at the school and sports club with all banding together to pick-up and drop-off, each using the time and capacity available get kids to and from their many activities.

She talks of the support from her husband, he who does the morning shift, and how their family work things out so all can be as involved as possible. Her angst at having to miss the occasional “very special event’ due to work commitments comes though, as does her strong love for her children, the dog days and the days when you rejoice that all is well with your world.

Coupled with the everyday fun family events there are some funny, remarkable and interesting bits and piece from her early morning career as the host of a major breakfast show for many years, the 3am starts, the special events she has covered and the celebrities she has both met and interviewed over the years.

Funny, enjoyable, optimistic and most importantly real, Melissa Doyle holds out hope for all those Mums who want to have it all; family, career and fun, that Yes, you can, but like everything in life that is worthwhile you have to work hard, plan and work hard yet again, to make it all happen.

As she so very wisely comments, it may takes a village to raise a child but in the home it takes team work. So very true!

AuthorMelissa Doyle
PublisherAllen & Unwin