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Baby and A Backpack

of Jane Cornelius – single mother. Together they make powerful reading of life, love, living and survival.

This is a story that all Mothers, all women, can relate to as the challenges she has faced and overcome with spirit and determination touch the heart but along the way she also discovered some serious answers to  some serious life questions.

Broken hearted, pregnant and dumped in London by the man referred to as the Blond, Jane has to take a serious look at just how she is going to survive for the duration of her pregnancy and beyond. Topping it all off she has been left broke and homeless. She feels she cannot return to Bali where she has lived for many years and where she has established a successful design business, as the emotion involved with the return would simply be too much at that time for her to cope.

Having successfully moved away from a traumatic upbringing in a family that could be considered dysfunctional at the least and unconventional at the best, she sets out on what is to become one of the biggest learning journeys of her life, accompanied each step along the way or should one say each country, by her baby, Poppy.

Her sister Kay is the rock on which her ever changing world is balanced.  Kay’s home in Melbourne is the place Jane returns to time and time again in the hope of finding a place she too can call home; but just when life seems to be getting onto an even footing she keeps getting the urge to travel, to discover that ‘some other place’, that may be waiting for her and takes off traveling to Margaret River, Hawaii, and eventually onto Sedona in search of answers.

Finding unexpected help and support from often chance met, or perhaps not so chance met, strangers along with old friends from her earlier traveling days coming to her support helping out with a place to stay, she very slowly comes to accept motherhood, faces some of the demons from her past, discovers synchronicity is alive and well in Sedona and that sometimes the answer to everything has been there all the time.

Don’t let the title fool you into thinking this is anything less than a terrifically good read, well written and told in an way that is, in so many ways, light-hearted, deep, introspective and interesting. It will keep you engrossed as you discover just how Jane coped in her search across many countries to find her ‘place called home’.


AuthorJane Cornelius
PublisherThe Five MIle Press
ISBNThe Five Mile Press