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Beyond the Vapour Trail: The beauty, horror and humour of life. An aid worker’s story.

For many years child sponsorship has been a vehicle for helping third world countries develop; many Australians have been associated with this form of charity either through sponsoring a child as an individual/family or as part of an organisation/school/business. In his role of assessing the viability of implementing a child sponsorship programme into a community, Brett Pierce has spent the last thirty years investigating and adapting the World Vision’s child sponsorship programme to local cultures and hence empowering third world communities to achieve an improved lifestyle.

His book ‘Beyond the Vapour Trail’ relates his experiences of working in some of the world’s most troubled communities; it is a mixture of emails to his wife and his own memories. It gives insight into the many challenges which face workers in this area. Instead of focusing on the darker side of his work, he intersperses tales of horrendous living conditions, child soldiers and starvation with the lighter side of his role; his travel experiences of actually getting to his destination in order to commence his work. He has included stories of what happens immediately after the relief ends and of coordinating long term sustainable change.

Although the author has not organised his memories in this book in any chronological order; this does not detracted from the reader’s ability to enjoy these snippets from Brett Piece’s rewarding and fascinating life and to understand his dedication to his work.  The book gives confidence to anyone, who has donated to World Vision and like organisations, that the work carried out by these organisations is worthwhile and benefits the intended recipients; money well spent! 

This book is highly recommended to anyone who is interested in international development or who is or has sponsored a child.

AuthorBrett Pierce
PublisherTransit Lounge
DistributorNew South Books
ReleasedOctober 2016