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Breaking Good

Ice produces an intense rush that can make the user feel confident and energetic. It can last for hours, however coming down takes days. Simon Fenech, former Australian and South Pacific kickboxing champion was to discover that not only is Ice (crystal meth) very addictive, but it is also linked to chronic physical and mental health problems.

As a result of a traumatic work place accident, the author found himself in excruciating pain and unable to perform his previous job. An acquaintance offered him ice, which kept the pain at bay but the resultant addiction, alienated him from his family, destroyed his finances, and left him in a constant state of agitation and at the mercy of the drug.

Fenech’s book graphically chronicles his decline and ultimate incarceration. It leaves the reader in no doubt about the insidious effects of ice and consequential involvement in the underworld of illicit drugs, violence and society’s underbelly. A drug habit of $1000-a-day caused the author to reach the depths of despair; his journey to a better, drug free life is remarkable. He highlights the importance of family in his rehabilitation; particularly the unfailing support of his brother.

Readers will find this memoir confronting but informative; it gives a brutally honest insight into the world of drugs and dependency. Fenech concludes with a chapter on Fruit2Work, the wonderful organisation which gave him and former offenders another chance.

Author Simon Fenech with Neil Bramwell
Publisher Echo Publishing
ISBN 9781760686468
Distributor Echo Publishing
Released August 2020