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Climbing the Mountain

Allan Moffat is a legend – a true, genuine legend with a name that is today revered through Australian Motor Sport for his incredible skill behind the wheel driving for Ford, before moving into the Mazda lighter formula touring cars, then onto previous arch rivals Holden, driving the Commodores, before once again, returning to Ford’s pits to drive the powerful Ford Sierra RS500. Ironically he entered the world of car racing driving a Triumph TR3 at the age of seventeen years.

 His early days competing at the famous, or as many may say the infamous, Bathurst Circuit against the man who was at first considered his arch rival Peter Brock (1945-2006)driving for Holden, a man who was to eventually become his co-driver and firm friend, set the standard that was to become Moffat’s trade mark.

The two men were very different in temperament; one calm, almost revering his car and the track, the other the absolute opposite – always pushing his car to the limit. But as time and competition was to eventually tell, together they made a team who took the racing world by storm.

Bathurst has always been a race that pushes both cars and drivers to their very limit; it was also the birthplace of serious rivalry between Australia’s two most beloved of cars; Ford and Holden, a rivalry that could and did divide a nation come race weekend and two of the top drivers in Australia, Moffat and Brock were there in the thick of it all.

Moffat remains to this day one of two drivers to have competed and won The Great Race at Bathurst in both the 500 mile, which was then to become the 1000 kilometre, race formats.

This quiet man, reserved and respected, is often described as ‘Dedicated’, but he says that it is difficult to describe the ‘spirit within yourself that drives you towards your own goals, often in times of huge conflict and difficulty’. But whatever it is that has driven him to succeed time and time again, in a world that is fuelled by politics within the various motorsports groups, conflict with sponsors, personal life challenges and a vast array of massive ego’s, Moffat seems to have been able to use it to full advantage, time and time again.

He was inducted into the V8 Supercars Hall of Fame in 1999 but did not become an Australian citizen until 2004, preferring to remain a Canadian throughout his racing career. In 1978 he was award the OBE for his services to motor sport.

 This is not a tell all book, but a serious and enjoyable look at the high octane world of V8 Motor Sport through the eyes of a man who was there, gave much and was rewarded with much; His list of wins is lengthy, but perhaps one of the many things he should also be noted for is that level of professionalism he bought to the sport, by pioneering the use of sponsorship in a manner that would change the industry then and into the future.

Comfortably written, lovers of the ozone that goes with Motorsport of any description will find this look at the world behind the glamour and the glory fascinating and enjoyable.

 A long time in the making Moffat has, like everything else he has ever undertaken, presented his story and that of the Australian Motor Racing Industry in style.

This will definitely make great stocking filler for the motoring enthusiast as it is filled with many of the thousands of the facts and figures which will add to the interest for any petrol head.


AuthorAllan Moffat with John Smailes
PublisherAllen and Unwin
DistributorAllen and Unwin
ReleasedOctober 2017