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Engage – The Fall and Rise of Matt Hampson

He went out one cold England morning to train and came back paralysed from the neck down and dependant on a ventilator to live. In less than a split second Matt Hampson’s promising career in the England Rugby team ended when the scrum collapsed and Matt’s neck took the full force of the crash.

Several years on Matt tells his story with the help of writer Paul Kimmage and what a story it is to tell. Irreverent, funny, heartbreaking and courageous, this is Matt’s story.

Facing an uncertain future, coming to terms with his fears, reacting and reacting again Hampson has rebuilt his life and has become an inspiration to many- not just sportsmen but to all who find themselves in a similar situation.

Not only did Matt have to learn to create a new life but has also to come to accept the fact that he was always going to be dependent on someone else or something else to be able to live, and live successfully.

Challenging and definitely confrontational this story has it all. From almost assured success as a big name footballer to a name which has become truly BIG in every sense of the word this is an inspirational read.

There are many who face intimidating circumstances in life and often don’t make it through but with the help and love, of not only his family, but the team at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, along with mentoring from others in similar positions, Hampson has gone on to succeed, now writing as a columnist, fronting his own sport memorabilia company and setting up the Matt Hampson Trust in order to help others in confronting life changes.

It is uplifting, not just a blokes book even though it is based in Rugby, but a book for all about overcoming the odds and discovering just how much strength and courage one man can possess.

Read it with the deepest respect for true courage in the face of what seemed to be insurmountable odds and draw strength from the words he spoke to his father on the day Matt’s life direction changed yet again “Dad this will make me a better person.”

AuthorPaul Kimmage
PublisherSimon & Schuster