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Enlightenment Ain’t What It’s Cracked Up To Be

When you go on a journey to seek spiritual enlightenment you don’t always find what you are looking for – or do you? This is the question Robert Forman asks of himself in this delightfully written, almost tongue in cheek look at just what is classed as enlightenment.

Is it walking across a snow covered paddock and making the first footprints of the day in the crisp whiteness surrounding him or is it spending days, hours, months in meditation seeking the pathways to inner peace.

In Forman’s case he tells us he was suffering from depression through most of his younger life and to a degree through his adult life. He chose the pathway of meditation to try and find some inner peace – which he did do but only up to point.

He questioned and sought, consulted and challenged, set up centres of spiritual guidance but eventually came to his own conclusion that although we can do all and many things in life, the most telling is to look at the simple, the given and the unsought which most times will offer and give you that which you seek, be it peace, understanding, acceptance or simply a belief in yourself.

Ultimately he discovers, through the medium of writing this book that the Silence of Peace- or the inner life of silence is to him the ultimate destination.

A deep, emotional, quirky look at one man and his honest reflection on a life spent in journeying only to find that what he sought was always at his own door step.

In his words and after months of reflection on meditation and living life, he came to the final and almost confrontational understanding that life is an ambiguous privilege that is a life of silence.

After all is that not what meditation and enlightenment is all about?

AuthorRobert KC Forman PhD
PublisherO Books