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Grace: A biography

It has taken an author and cultural journalist of Thilo Wydra’s outstanding ability to present such a well-researched and documented biography.  Every statement, conversation and fact is backed up by a reference.  At the end of the book, there is an interview with Prince Albert who acknowledges the efforts, accuracy and detail that the author has maintained.  There is a large appendix, a chronology of years in Grace’s life, a film-ology and a bibliography.

The story begins with the car accident which led to Grace’s death.  The author presents the facts as he researched them and compares the shock this tragic event had to the world to that of JF Kennedy’s assassination and the death of Princess Di.  Grace’s daughter, Stephanie was the only other occupant in the car. 

Thilo divides the book into sections.  It begins with Grace’s German/ Irish ancestry, her early years and her years growing up in Philadelphia in a competitive family group.  Grace was attracted by the theatre and was, “eager to go to New York and do her Drama School”….as quoted by Prince Rainier.  She was always punctual, always knew her lines and had the “Kelly pride and strong will.”

The next section of the book deals with her TV and Stage appearances.  Alfred Hitchcock was an enormous influence in her life and they remained good friends until his death.  It was because she starred in his films that she became recognised around the world as the film star with cool beauty.  After many romantic attachments, Grace met Prince Rainier of Monaco and later married. 

If you would enjoy an absolutely accurate, detailed story of Princess Grace, this book has everything for you.  Even the gaps in conversation with her children are noteworthy. The fascination surrounding this enigmatic woman lives on.

AuthorThilo Wydra
PublisherSkyhorse Pres