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Hunting Ghislaine

Is there anything else which can be said about Ghislaine Maxwell, the subject of several podcasts, a number of documentaries, a Netflix film and a closely monitored 2021 trail? Investigative journalist John Sweeney, author of Hunting Ghislaine, proves there is!

 In his carefully researched book based on his popular 2020 podcast by the same name, he explores the dark and disturbing life of the vivacious, fun loving, socialite Ghislaine from birth to her ultimate incarceration.

He casts a new light on her complex character. The author theorises that as the daughter of the ‘monster’ Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine was susceptible to the equally monstrous Jeffery Epstein; she ‘blinded’ herself to his depravity and even became a willing accomplice to it.  Her desire to please these difficult, demanding, vile men resulted in her losing sight of the wellbeing of the vulnerable young women she ‘pimped’ for the paedophile Epstein. 

By dividing the book into three sections, Ghislaine’s early privileged childhood as the publisher/fraudster Robert Maxwell’s daughter, her relationship and exploitation by her lover Jeffrey Epstein and finally her trail which resulted in 20 years for child trafficking in a US prison, the author provides the reader with a greater understanding of the convicted Ghislaine.

However, readers are left to question was Ghislaine the ‘victim of two monsters’ or ‘was she a monster in her own right’?

Author John Sweeney.
Publisher Hachette /Hodder and Stoughton
ISBN 9781529375886
Distributor Hachette Australia
Released November 2022