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I Me Mine: The Extended Edition

The original I Me Mine was released in 1980 and has now been re-released to celebrate as the 100th specialist rock photography book to be released by specialist publishers Genesis Publishers.

Harrison, often referred to as the ‘quite Beatle’ was indeed a man whom, while he loved to perform, to make music, to be a part of the generation who literally busted all the barriers in regard to music, performing, looks and style, hated the limelight, hated the demands fame and fortune placed upon him.

In his own words he opens the door onto a life that was as astonishing as it was incredible, as this young lad from Liverpool and his mates were catapulted into fame and fortune almost overnight, becoming the sensation that took the world by storm, heralding in an era of music that was as dangerous as it was barrier breaking.

Never before had the world seen a group such as The Beatles. They dressed in a manner that called for condemnation from pulpits of the world, from parents in despair of their daughter obsession with this group from Liverpool and the type of music they made was unprecedented. The world was only coming to terms with the hip swivelling of Elvis Presley when this new phenomena burst onto the airwaves.

But what was it really like to be suddenly rich and famous; to become the obsession of young girls, to be mobbed wherever they travelled and even to be shot at by jealous boyfriends, after a memorable concert in America, as their plane left the tarmac.

George Harrison reflects on the reality of being a world phenomenon and member of the pop sensation, The Beatles, as well as what life held for him once this juggernaut finally came to a halt. His volatile relationship with Paul McCartney, his love and awe of John Lennon and friendship with Ringo Star are gems tucked away in the pages. Gardening and his almost obsessive passion for racing cars have their own chapters with much of his detailing of racing cars seriously edited by Derek Taylor, because as he says, the details were excessive!

Harrison alone is responsible for introducing eastern philosophy to the other members of the Group, not just in the musical influence but also from a spiritual perspective. His introduction to eastern religion and music had a long lasting effect on Harrison, as he spent the rest of his life pondering spirituality, following the dictates of eastern religion and penning many of his more than 140 songs, such as the iconic My Sweet Lord in a direct correlation to his spiritual journey.

A lovely introduction has been included in this edition from Olivia Harrison as she opens the door a little on their private lives. Derek Taylor, long-time friend and mentor of Harrison has added notes and various introductions to this work, which has created a warmth, adding a very personal touch from people who knew and loved him, which is often missing from such autobiographical works.

A huge collection of photographs, along with an additional 50 lyrics which were written for his studio albums All Things Must Pass and Brainwashed have also been included.   Each of these lyrics come with a little side note from George Harrison as to the motivation behind each of the sets of words. Beautifully presented they are reproduced in their original scribbled format with a translation when the penmanship becomes somewhat ‘confused’, as the words and the stanzas change as inspiration drives the pen!

For anyone who ever watch, obsessed or listened to the Beatles and then followed their individual careers once they split up, this is a memoir that is well worth obtaining as a collector’s item. As it is a limited edition, this one produced in colour for the first time, containing previously unpublished material, it is unique.

It is also a loving presented peek into the life and times of a man, who in his own quite way, with a somewhat droll sense of humour and a great sense of the ridiculous, continued on with his music both as a solo performer and then as a founding member of the group The Travelling Wilbury’s consisting of Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, Jeff Lynn and Tom Petty.

George Harrison died in 2001 from lung cancer leaving behind a legacy of his music which will last for many years to come and will go on to influence the music scene for many more generations.


Author George Harrison, Derek Taylor, edited by Olivia Harrison
Publisher Genesis Publications
ISBN 9781905662401
Website http:/
Distributor New South Books
Released February 2017