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Joe Bugner – My Story

Joe Bugner: Well some people just don’t know when to quit which seems to be why the man has had a career that has had its highs and lows, has spanned decades and taken him from a boxing “super star’, losing his World Heavy Weight title to ‘Ali’ in 1975, to living the life in Beverley Hills and eventually making his home in Queensland.

Fleeing with his family from Hungary at the age of six with nothing to their names, he soon became an imposing figure in the world of boxing as he claimed both the British and European heavyweight titles and was rated amongst the best in the boxing world in 1975.

After losing his title to ‘Ali’ he came and went from the boxing circuit for many years with his final fight held in 1998 where he again won the World Heavyweight title, at the age of 48, for the final time.

He has appeared in many movies, worked with some of the best and in later years become an artist of note to the corporate world.

Certainly something different, for a kid from Hungary who always wanted the ‘glory’ and set out to find, get and retain it.

In a recent announcement on the Gold Coast he indicated he would be returning to the fight arena but this is yet to be confirmed.

If he does it will add an interesting chapter to a life that has been packed full of all life can offer and makes interesting reading as we walk with Joe through a life which has given much and taken much, but overall has been lived thoroughly and well with some considerable distance yet to travel.

AuthorWith Stuart Mullins
PublisherNew Holland Publishers