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Lawless A lawyer’s unrelenting fight for justice in one of the world’s most dangerous places

Travel through Kimberley Motley’s amazing life as she tells her story in Lawless, in a matter of fact style which is both compassionate and sometimes brutal.

Kimberly grew up in Milwaukee, as she says, the crime capitol of America, becoming a lawyer while raising three young children. As a public defender she sees crime at its worst and realizes that she must find a safer environment for her children.

The family move to North Carolina where her husband begins a law degree and for financial reasons Kimberley accepts a job in Kabul, Afghanistan. In 2008, at the age of 32, she arrives in Kabul, naïve, but ready to accept a challenge to begin to train lawyers in war torn Afghanistan.

Her introduction to the country and its people is frightening, as she is met by gun carrying men patrolling the airport, she is given a bullet proof vest, a hard hat and escorted to a bus bearing bullet scars.

Kimberley’s story continues as she tells of her extraordinary interaction with the poor, the downtrodden and her championing of women in a purely misogynistic society She develops her own hard hitting approach to law as she wade’s perilously through the vagaries of Afghan law dealing bravely with prejudice, bribery and corruption always with compassion and with a burning desire for justice.

Kimberly Motley remains in Kabul and has the honour of being the first foreigner to practice law in Afghanistan. This is a story of one very brave and tenacious lady that leaves you gasping in admiration for her courage and compassion. Her story is absolutely inspiring.


Author Kimberley Motley
Publisher Allen and Unwin
ISBN 9781760633035
Distributor Allen and Unwin
Released August 2019