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Love and Loss

With the advent of the Coronavirus the world is experiencing unprecedented loss as well as many acts of astonishing love.  In ‘Love & Loss’ the fifth book in ‘The Timeless Wisdom’ series, writers relate remarkable true stories demonstrating human spirit from times gone by. Although love and loss are polar opposites, the authors in this collection demonstrate that they often merge into one.

The editor’s mission to reflect diversity of writing has certainly been achieved. Authors come from many parts of the world, from middle class and underprivileged backgrounds, but their common link is that they have reached the ‘Age of Wisdom’ – 60 plus years. The accounts are of those who have experienced the love of a daughter and a mother/father, mother and child, man and woman; some who only discovered this love long after the death of ‘the loved’. The narratives of loss, which include juvenile cancer, forced adoption, and Alzheimers, have also been recounted from a perspective love.

Each of the twenty-five insightful stories in this collection, is prefaced by a thought provoking quote; many from well-known writers.  The reader is encouraged to explore the link between the quote and the account which follows; some are more obvious than others. This collection emphasises the fact that although we have loved and lost, the warm memories of those intense feelings of affection, tenderness, and endearment endure forever.

Readers will not only enjoy this anthology, but find it an antidote for the gaps in their lives as a result of ‘social isolation’.

Author Ed: Renée Hollis
Publisher Exisle Publishing
ISBN 9781925820072
Distributor Exisle Publishing
Released March 2020